Maker's Story

J. King Percussion

Maker's Story

Professional percussionist, educator and drum maker specializing in world music styles, Jeremy King was schooled in the drumming traditions of the world by the streets of New York City (and Fareta School of Drum and Dance, The New School, The Drummer's Collective and most recently Master Cajonero, José Montaña). A transplant from Western Massachusetts who came to the city in the late 1990s (with one month’s rent and a truck full of drums!) to embark on a musical and creative journey with hopes of leaving something good behind for everyone on this planet. As a percussionist and performer, Jeremy is no stranger to playing in front of packed venues. Having been involved in musical theater since age 6 and playing percussion for world music gigs since age 17, the stage is more like home than any other place he’s ever lived. He still performs regularly with world music groups in the NYC area.

As an educator, Jeremy approaches teaching much like he does with his own learning, which is to break every rhythmic phrase or melody down into as small as sensible pieces, learn them individually, and then connect them all back together and internalize them through repetitious practice and play. He finds that this approach makes learning complex rhythms a lot simpler, and much more accessible. In 2013, fueled by a desire to create a space where he and some fellow musicians/artists could make music and art and share these experiences with the public through workshops and other events, Jeremy co-founded The THREAD Arts & Music Collective in Easthampton MA and has been focusing on teaching ever since. It was also at THREAD that J. King Percussion was born and he began producing his high quality, professional Cajon drums for the public and sold them, mostly by word of mouth, to musicians and nonmusicians in the greater New England area and now back in the NY Metro area.

From the "downtown" music scene, to massive Afrobeat bands and world music gigs to the big stage and bright lights of a smash hit broadway show and beyond, the journey continues and he hopes you’ll join him.

The J. King Percussion Brand

A while back I was in the market for a new Cajon drum, so I did what I usually do; I went to the music store. Fast forward a short while after that, I decided, why not just do a little reverse engineering on the drum I already have and see what's up? So I did. 

After some time of looking and playing and looking and listening and playing some more, I decided, why not build my own new cajon drum? So I did. It was after that 1st snap of the playing surface; the thump of the bass and the crispy snap of the guitar string snare, I realized I just made a really great drum and knew I needed to share this with anyone looking for that special, new cajon. So I did!

I truly hope that each of you take the chance on one of my drums because I know you'll enjoy them as much as I do.

And that's my story.