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Hybrid “Bundle” Brooms - American Broomcorn and Bamboo

Image of Hybrid “Bundle” Brooms - American Broomcorn and Bamboo
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The best of both worlds in our original, dual purpose drum/percussion bundle broom stick. We combined standard American Broomcorn with Bamboo rods for a broom that works really well on drum kit applications where soft and crisp sounds are desired, all in one single, light weight bundle.

We finish them with our signature twine wrapped, rubber dipped handles and a soft plastic end cap for great grip and a nice balanced feel in the hand.

14.5” Length x 5/8” Diameter (Approx) with two rubber o-rings to adjust stiffness
Weight - 2.0 oz (Approx)

*Made to order. Ready to ship in 1-2 weeks